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89 square meter Nordic design, even picky can not find fault!

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As soon as you enter the porch, you can see the spacious living room, but inevitably there is no privacy. The designer installed a blackboard wall at the door and skillfully added a shoe stool. The small house is only 89 square meters in size, and the space falling from the corner of the wall should be used reasonably. The combination of black and white gives the wall more color. The story of love on the blackboard wall makes the small space in the door feel warm.

With the improvement of people's living standards, many people want to decorate their own houses very beautifully after they buy new houses. As a kind of high-grade decoration material, wood floor has received the favor of many people. Wood floor, because of its own color is better, and use more comfortable, so many people like to lay wooden floor. But how should we accept the workers after the laying of wooden floors? Today, we will talk about some notes on the acceptance of wood floor.

This should be noted in the full package approach

If you are in a full package way, we should first see if the color of the floor is consistent with the floor we were selected for the primary. Some black heart manufacturers will steal the floor beam for columns, replaced by the poor quality of the floor. If you feel a color difference, you must have the worker lay it again. Another thing we need to pay attention to is that if we buy solid wood floor, the pattern of each block of solid wood floor is different. If we buy reinforced composite flooring, each pattern is the same.

Pay attention to the gap between the boards

In addition, we should pay attention to the gap between wood floors. After the laying of wood floor, we should also check the corner of the room, whether the wooden floor is raised, whether the laying is smooth and whether the gap between the wood floors is even. In addition, we can step on the wooden floor barefoot to see if there is a large depression on it. If there is a depression in a certain place, it will show that the keel under the wood floor of this block is not laid well. We must remember to have the decorator rework again.

Check floor buckle around door

Every door in our room can be said to be a joint of wooden floor. After laying, we should check the place to see if the gap between the above buckle strips is even. Generally, the gap between the strips is about three centimeters. And we should also check that the buckle is firmly installed.

In addition, we should carefully observe the floor surface

Before laying, we must tell the decorator that the keel of the floor must be treated with insect prevention. If the insect prevention is not done well, some borers may be bred in the later stage, which will affect the service life of the floor. In addition, we also need to look at the surface of the floor to see if there are scratches. Generally speaking, the floor surface has certain wear resistance. We must carefully check the floor surface to prevent scratches. If there are scratches, we must timely let the fitter replace it.