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What details should be paid attention to in the installation of shower room? Tea

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Now many people decorate, will install shower room in toilet. The installation of the shower room helps to separate the wet and dry of the toilet, which is conducive to the dryness and cleanness of the toilet. However, we often hear the news of the explosion of the shower room. Many people are worried about whether the quality of the shower room is wrong! In fact, shower room explosion has quality reasons, installation is also a factor that can not be ignored. Decoration industry has such a sent

With the improvement of people's living standards, many people want to decorate their houses very beautiful after buying new houses. And wood floor as a relatively high-grade decoration materials, received a lot of people's favor. Wood floor, because its color is more beautiful, and more comfortable to use, so many people like to lay wooden floor. But after laying the wooden floor, how should we check and accept it? Today, I'd like to talk about some matters needing attention in the acceptance of wood flooring.

We should pay attention to these in the all inclusive way

If you adopt the all inclusive method, we should first check whether the color of the floor is consistent with that of our primary selection floor after laying the floor. Some black heart manufacturers will steal the floor beam for the post, replaced by a relatively poor quality floor. If you feel that there is a color difference, you must let the workers re lay. Another point we need to pay attention to is that if we buy solid wood floor, the pattern of each piece of solid wood floor is different. If we buy Laminate flooring, the pattern of each piece is the same.

Pay attention to the gap between the boards

In addition, we should pay attention to the gap between the wooden floors. After the workers lay the wooden floor, we should also check the corner of the room, whether the wooden floor is warped, whether the laying is flat and whether the gap between the wood floors is even. In addition, we can step on the wooden floor barefoot to see if there is a big depression. If there is a depression in a certain place, it means that the keel under the wooden floor is not laid well. At that time, we must remember to let the decoration master rework again.

Check the floor trim around the door

Each door of our room can be said to be a joint of the wooden floor. After laying, we should check this place to see whether the gap between the buckles is even. Generally, the gap between the strips is about 3cm. And we should also check that the buckle is firmly installed.

In addition, we should carefully observe the floor surface

Before laying, we must tell the decoration master that the keel of the floor must be treated with insect proof. If you do not do a good job in pest control, in the late may breed some moths, which will affect the service life of the floor. In addition, we have to look at the surface of the floor to see if there are scratches. Generally speaking, the floor surface has a certain wear resistance, we must carefully check the floor surface to prevent scratches, if there are scratches, we must timely let the decoration master change.